Dearest Daughter Aparna - Real Fathers Challenge

What do you think it means to be a real father?

Take a picture of you, your family, loved ones, or your own father holding a sign with a word or statement that expresses what it means to be a great father.

Email your photo to and it will be placed on Nomi Network’s Real Fathers Challenge website. Share your photo on social media as well and this will lead to a conversation about the authority a father has to stop the exploitation of his family.

Along with your photos,send us your goals, whether it’s a personal goal to share your statement with 10 friends, or starting a Real Fathers fundraising campaign, send us your goals. All funds raised will be used to support Nomi Network’s programs.

Break the cycle of human trafficking by helping Nomi Network reach its Real Fathers Challenge goal.
Do you want Nomi Network’s help taking your photo for our website? Email us to find out when a Real Fathers photo shoot is taking place near you.

All donations to Nomi Network are tax deductible. For any questions please email We appreciate your financial support!