Nomi's Story

A Girl With Much To Give

Nomi Network’s namesake is an eight-year-old survivor of sex trafficking who now lives in a supportive partner shelter in Cambodia. Co-founders Diana Mao and Alissa Moore first met Nomi on a visit in 2008, and Supei Liu met her in 2009. As a child living in a rural village, Nomi was sexually abused by multiple perpetrators and was treated worse than an animal. Nomi now lives in her shelter’s special needs group home with eight other girls. She has physical scars, but also emotional scars from her abuse which will pose major challenges to her living independently and reintegrate back into society. Nevertheless, Nomi has grown into a beautiful young woman, with a warmth that’s contagious and a generous heart. he is always the first to greet visitors to the shelter and to comfort other girls who are new to the shelter. It was through her friendship and resilience that we realized that she did not have to be defined by her past, but that she could be defined by her future. Nomi Network exists so that survivors will be able to say with confidence, know me, know my story, know my success.™