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Nomi Network 2017 Gala: I Believe

We would like to thank everyone for attending Nomi Network’s 7th Annual Gala and Awards Ceremony! Your generous support makes it possible for us to serve survivors and women at risk of human trafficking, and it’s because of you that we were able to exceed our fundraising goal of $300,000!

We were privileged to honor Wendy Savage of Patagonia, Sharon Prince of the Grace Farms Foundation, and Julia Ormond of the Alliance to Stop Slavery and End Trafficking (ASSET). We were also honored to have Ambassador Luis deBaca, Ambassador Susan Coppedge, and AnnaLynne McCord in attendance, as well as beautiful performances by the Angkor Dance Troupe, vocalist Katrina Spence, Monica Kapoor’s Bollywood dance team, and Bollywood dance lessons by Nikhil Paul.

We hope you were able to grab a swag bag on your way out! As a reminder, these canvas swag bags were hand sewn and signed by the women in our India programs, with beautiful braided recycled sari handles.

We are grateful for the generosity of our guests for making this event a success. With your support, we believe that modern day slavery will end in our lifetime. Thank you for being a part of this powerful night!

(If you missed out on the gala and would still like to give, please donate here)

-Nomi Network

Special thanks to Katrina Sorrentino, Melissa Kruse, and Brittany Buongiorno for capturing the night!

Nomi Network Helps to Host World Perspective Day

Today, March 30th, Nomi Network proudly joins 100 Cameras for their first ever World Perspective Day. This is a global movement that connects millions of people all over the world with something as simple as a picture, but more specifically, your perspective.

100 Cameras has a model which “[teaches] kids that their stories are important and that they can create positive change for themselves and their communities”. Nomi Network holds similar values which drives our work with the women we serve and their children. We believe that the next generation is the hope of the future!

By posting a photo today demonstrating your unique point of view and tagging it with #WorldPerspectiveDay, you’ll be joining Nomi Network along with other World Perspective Day partners, in sharing stories and connecting with people around the world. 100 Cameras supports many children that have faced tragic circumstances, but today, we can come together to recognize and celebrate the fact that we are all, indeed, human.

Each perspective is different, and we want to know what it would look like if we saw the world in a new way and with new eyes. Today we open up communication, we bridge barriers, and we come together as one.

Tag @nominetwork and take a selfie or a snap...because your story is important, and we want to see it!

Susan Lee, Nomi Network board member shares about her trip to Cambodia

"I never doubted the work that Nomi [Network] did in Cambodia was critical. But to see it with my own eyes - it made me redoubled [in] my commitment to Nomi Network and its teams throughout the world. Without the folks on the ground, none of this would be possible. Let's end modern day slavery in our lifetime!"

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